Lisa J Smith
Private Individual Sessions
Public Events & Gallery Readings
An Evening with Lisa J.

  • Receive messages in a group setting
  • Feel the connections 
  • Be a part of the conversations and validations
  • Share your stories 
  • Learn from others & heal together in a group setting
  • Any size group
  • Depending on size of venue - not everyone guaranteed a messages 

Dates TBA


Private Group Sessions
  • An intimate circle with your friends and family
  • As many guests as you would like (not everyone is guaranteed a message and it depends on group size)
  • Travel charges will apply
  • Please contact for pricing
  • Min. 2 hours
  • All guests must agree to the TERMS OF SERVICE 


Business Consultations

Unlock the untapped potential of intuition to enhance your business's revenue and success. Lisa J. Smith offers expert guidance tailored to your company's needs:

- Employee Hiring Guidance: Ensure the right fit for your team from the start, saving costs and preventing future issues.

- Employee Success Strategies: Identify and leverage what drives each employee to succeed, fostering a productive and positive workplace.

- Effective Communication Training: Enhance communication skills across all levels of your organization for improved productivity and motivation.

- Management Consulting: Collaborate with Lisa to establish clear communication channels within your management team, boosting overall staff performance and profitability.

- Enhanced Work Relationships: Understand diverse personality traits to cultivate harmonious work relationships and a supportive company culture.

- Employee Coaching**: Implement tailored coaching programs to optimize business practices and performance.

Contact Lisa J. Smith today to explore a unique approach to maximizing your company's potential and achieving sustainable success. Let Lisa empower you and your team to thrive today for greater success tomorrow.

(248) 593-5227