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Connecting with Lisa J. Smith for an evening of fun, laughter, love and healing with spirit and messages:

Join Lisa, in a limited seat venue, for a deeper understanding of spirit and a fun evening of messages, connections, clarity and healing!  Lisa J. has helped thousands of people, all over the country, connect with loved ones on the other side and has given messages that transform lives.  An Evening with Lisa J. is an interactive event that will have you laughing and crying as you receive messages from loved ones that have “crossed over” as well as life changing messages from spirit.

With her practical and down to earth way, Lisa J. connects with group members in an intimate and healing, yet light hearted way, to bring about; clarity, connections, validations and healing to everyone in the group.

Lisa J. Smith is a well know intuitive/medium and author who recently moved to Ojai from Detroit, MI.  While in Detroit, she hosted a daily national 3 hour talk show for CBS Radio.  Lisa answered calls, interviewed leaders in the self help and spiritual movement and gave advice while giving messages to her listeners that changed their lives. She also speaks at conventions, hosts workshops, does book signings and is available for private phone sessions.

In her small and intimate gatherings, known as galleries, Lisa J. will give each person a message from spirit providing everyone with individual connections.  Whether from loved ones on the other side, guides, pets, people on this side (yes, alive people can give us messages too) and answering questions about any and all situations presently…bring the question, Lisa will answer it for you. She always says, “I just know what message they are passing on to you.  I feel, sense and know what needs to be heard.  You get what you need, not always what you want.  If you trust and listen to their perspective it can change everything for you.” 

“Your Gallery readings are  an amazing and were a life changing experience.  Not only did I learn a lot from your personal messages, but also from the messages given to the others around me. Thank you Lisa! I highly recommend.”  Kelly G.