Mediumship, Intuitive Coaching, and Messages 

A private session with Lisa J. Smith involves personalized phone consultations where individuals receive messages and validations from loved ones on the other side or crossed-over animals.

Clients seek her services for various reasons, such as gaining insights into relationships, finding closure, understanding grief, clarifying situations, and receiving guidance in business matters. Lisa also specializes in inner child healing, intuitively tapping into clients' younger selves to facilitate reparenting and nurturing to live a more peaceful like today.

Lisa J. Smith's approach centers on providing clarity, insight, and healing instead of focusing on just psychic predictions. Lisa J. Smith does not utilize tarot cards or oracle decks in her practice. She utilizes her intuitive abilities, including feeling, hearing, sensing, and receiving impressions through various senses such as sight, touch, and even taste, to understand and address the needs of her clients. This intuitive process enables her to connect deeply with clients and offer guidance tailored to their specific situations and concerns.

With over 25 years of professional experience, and a lifetime of intuitive knowing, Lisa J. Smith has a global clientele, has authored two popular courses on DailyOM and two otherbooks, has appeared on paranormal TV shows, and hosted a live daily 3 hours talk show for CBS Radio.

Lisa J. Smith

Clarity - On today's issues in relationships, career, family and business.

Guidance - In today's issues and relationships, as well as the the past ones, to create your desired future.

Solutions - For living the life you desire.

Mediumship - Delivering validated messages from your loved ones, and pets, who have crossed over.

Inner Child/Adult Healing -Intuitively bridging the two for healing of life long issues  Click here for this DailyOM Course.

Development Classes - Both on-line and in various locations - for individuals and/or groups Click here for this DailyOM Course.

Media Appearances - Radio, TV, Press & Author interviews.

Reiki Master/Teacher - Providing Reiki energy sessions & classes.

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More Testimonials

“I recently had the profound experience of a reading with Lisa J, who channeled a message from my husband’s late parent. The session was both emotionally moving and remarkably validating, providing comfort and clarity in ways I hadn’t anticipated.

From the very beginning, Lisa established a strong connection with my father-in-law, delivering specific and meaningful messages that resonated deeply. One of the most validating moments was when she mentioned smoke, referring to his fondness for smoking, even though he had given it up years ago for the sake of his grandchildren. This detail was incredibly precise and brought back vivid memories, affirming the authenticity of the connection.

There were many validations that are too personal to share, but she definitely landed them with no prior knowledge.

As the reading progressed, Lisa shifted focus to current family relationships. She provided insights into dynamics that were previously unclear, helping to bridge gaps and promote healing among us. Her advice was both practical and insightful, offering a perspective that was evidently influenced by my parent-in-law’s wisdom. Towards the end of the session, she brought up oysters. One might think it referred to a favorite food, but it actually related to our family phrase, “The world is your oyster!” Our son even has it as a tattoo. This seemingly small detail added another layer of credibility to the reading, showing that she had truly tapped into our family.

Recently, I shared with Lisa that I had begun seeing an executive coach. She asked about my reasons and then broke down my particular “imposter syndrome,” discussing it with me in terms of my “Little Me.” This information was a revelation, and once spoken aloud, made all the sense in the world. The next day, I used the insights she shared to tackle a particularly difficult professional challenge, and I was grateful for the new tools.

Overall, the reading with Lisa J was very comforting and insightful. If you’re looking to connect with a loved one who has passed or need clarity about family relationships, I highly recommend Lisa. She has a genuine gift for connecting with the spirit world.”



Spreading Love one Angel at a Time

Lisa J. Smith and her services do not substitute for medical, psychological, or physical care, including assistance with your emotional or mental health. For medical treatment, please contact your nearest healthcare provider. In case of emergencies, dial 911 for immediate healthcare assistance.

Booking a session with Lisa J. Smith is done voluntarily and you assume responsibility for your own health and well-being.

By scheduling a session, you automatically agree to these terms.