How to get a reading from a credible psychic?

Throughout the centuries, people have consulted with oracles, psychics, astrologers, tarot card readers, etc. In modern times, several; businesses, politicians, celebrities, artists, legal systems, etc. continue to find the ability to be helpful in their day to day personal and professional lives. With that said, as with any industry, there are good and bad (that will be for another article). I find that most people don't know how to best connect with a reader and are intimidated or even embarrassed to use a "psychic." Over the years, I have learned a thing or two that might help you best connect so you have a positive and helpful session. Here are a few things that may help you get the most out of a session with a reader:

Expectations Expect nothing...expectations are the surest way to be disappointed. Sessions are different for everyone and no two are alike. You'll always get what you need in a session. Be open and stop comparing; past sessions, what your friends session was last week, what you thought it was going to be and start to be present in the moment of what it is and what you're receiving now.

Psychic Readers:  No two readers are the same. No two readers will give you the same type of messages. No two readers will always give you the same information. Things are always changing and readers can only give you what is happening with where you are now. As we are all different people, so is the way an intuitive, psychic/medium delivers your messages. I suggest finding someone who feels right to you, comes recommended, lists testimonials on their web site and most of all someone you feel you can connect with. If you don't know who to go to, ask for referrals, call around to different readers and ask questions. A reputable reader will always take time to see if the two of you are a good fit.  See how other people liked their sessions, what they got out of it, how it helped them and if it seems like their sessions with that person might help you (without comparing messages).

Not every "reader" is good for everyone so do your homework. I don't want to waste your time, or mine, if it's not a good fit. Credible readers want to help, and will guide and direct you, to what will work best for your situation. If I can't give you a tarot card reading, I'll send you to someone who can. Some are mediums, some are not, some use cards, some do not, some make predictions, some do not, some are medical intuitives, some are not. There is no "one way fits all." Know what you're at least looking for without having the expectation of how you'll get it.

It's your job to ask the questions:  I tell people to come with questions. There's a reason you're contacting a reader and we don't always know why that is. The best way to get your time's worth is ask the reader so that he/she can connect with that "energy." For me personally, its not about how much you tell me. You will get your messages either way.

If you don't ask, you wont always get what you came for. Ask a question and you'll get an answer. You may not always like what you hear, but it'll sure help if you listen and pay attention to what is really being said, not staying focused on what you "wanted to hear."

No, we don't know when a person will die, your life purpose or the lottery numbers. We don't even always know what your loved ones nickname for you was. What we do know, and can give to you, will be so much deeper if you open your heart and listen to what is being said to you. (Beware: I am sure you'll find someone who will give you the lottery numbers, sell you a candle to remove negative energy and remove curses for you...STAY AWAY)! If we knew that we would have more money than Oprah! That's not what "ability" is for.  Sorry...not my rules! I wish I could tell everyone their life purpose.

Mind Reading:  I, like most of us, are not mind readers.

Psychic Tools:  I don't use tarot cards, oracle cards, crystal balls or any other tools to give messages (although all are fun and I like them). I read energy and just know what I need to know. I see, hear, feel, sense, can taste, and just over all "know." It's like receiving instantaneous down loads of everything, all at the same time, but in a way that is organized and cohesive for the person receiving the messages. I don't only make predictions, although plenty have been made, that's not why I do what I do. Everyone connects in their own way. Some use cards, some see, some hear, some do a little of all. One is not better than the rest, just different. You have to decide what you are looking for in a reader and who you feel most comfortable with.

Mediumship: The "other side" and "this side".  Mediums are the ones who give you validations and messages from the other side. I'm the middle person. You ask me a question, give me a first name only, and I'll tell you what is said or shown to me from your loved ones and pets who have crossed over (even people on this side have messages for you). Everyone works different. Don't assume someone is bad or good based on how they receive the messages.

Side answer for everyone: Yes, your loved ones ALWAYS love you, yes they are proud of you, no they don't care who gets the plot of land or the diamond ring, yes they know you have kids, no they don't watch you take a shower or have sex, no they have no regrets about their life, yes they are ALWAYS there to validate they are with you, yes they are always there and will send you signs and validations..i e., "Did you burn the soup yesterday.. it smelled up the whole house"! 

Your answers:  It's not always fishing for info to ask questions. The questions asked are for clarification to better guide your session and best help you. You'll receive plenty of "psychic" validations and messages. We don't know you, your family tree, or what you want to work on (not mind readers remember). That's up to you...not us. We can only help you if you work with us too.

What you know:  I usually never tell you anything you don't know. I help you listen and validate your own feelings by telling you what you do know, without knowing you. The intuitive "psychic" part comes from not knowing you, or the situation, and telling you what I get to validate you so that you can heal. I help you with your humanity by exploring your spirit. If it doesn't make sense will soon. The desire is you walk away with the clarity you need to see the world, your career, your relationships, life situations, life and death, and others differently.

I always say:  "You get what you need not what you want. Within that, the true healing will begin and/or continue".

"I have just one question":   For a quality answer there is no "just one question," at least for me. I know there are people who will answer the question, but not always give you the tools you need so you don't have to ask the same question again. That is personal reference and if you just want a quick answer, then I am sure you will find someone to give it to you.

Phone vs. Face to Face Sessions:  Phone sessions are the same as in person. Often the phone is better because the person getting the reading is more comfortable, therefore more willing to be open.  You can call on the radio, video chat, phone or face to face and your messages will be the same. I can "tune in" any where and any place at any moment. There's no time and space, and spirit does not care. If I can connect those crossed over, why do I need to be in person to deliver the message? Energy is energy!

Skeptics:  If you are a skeptic that's fine. I think more people need to be skeptics and not believe everything they hear because it makes them feel good in the moment. On the hand, if you're rude, playing "test the psychic" game, disrespectful and an insulting skeptic, most will not work with you. It is never OK to be like that to any one.

Take Notes:  A lot of information is being given to you. It's impossible to remember all of it and make sense of all of it. A reputable reader will allow you to record your session. If you don't have a recorder, have a friend take notes for you.

Medical Care: Although sessions can be very helpful, directive, insightful and bring closure, no session should ever be a substitute for; mental, emotional, medical, physical or psychological care when needed. Always contact your appropriate professionals.

Finally, just because you don't know what a "message" means in the moment, doesn't mean it has no validation, maybe in the next month it will. Spirit does not know time or space. When a message is being delivered we know what we know from them. It's not for us to get, but for you to get. You don't have to believe for it to be, you just have to be open to receive. I know, what I know, and it's not for me to get, but for you to get.  We're just the messengers.

Open your heart and allow what is coming through to you. There may be tears of sadness, but also healing, laughter and joy. Remember, nothing and no one is what you think. Most of all have fun and breathe. Spirit loves laughter and joy.

Be well, be open, be love, be light, be joyous, be beautiful, be kind, be humble, be fun, be peaceful!

Lisa J. Smith

Lisa J. Smith, and her services, are NOT a substitute for medical, psychological or physical care, including  your emotional/mental health or under any other conditions.  Contact your nearest medical provider for medical treatment. In an emergency contact 911 for all your health care needs.  Contacting Lisa J. Smith is of your own consent and you are responsible for your own health and well being.   

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