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  • I can't believe how accurate and dead on your reading was!! I listen to it quite often and love it . The validations you gave me were such amazing truths about my dad and not just anyone could have known the things you said.  Thanks Lisa, keep up the good readings ~!!!!  YOU ROCK !   Cyndi, Concord, CA 
  •  Lisa, I've always liked your messages.  I had readings with you and you are awesome and truthful, even if some people don't want to hear what you say in their messages, you speak the truth.  That is what and how this should be done.  We we all love you here in Detroit and the surrounding areas.  Keep speaking from the heart my friend!!!   We love you.   Barbra, MI  
  • You have no idea how much your reading meant to me and my family. Thank you for doing what you do. It was a life changing experience for me.  Nicole
  • You are the "Bomb".   Your graciousness and patience and willingness to listen, lightens our emotional load. Your ability to "tap" into what's underneath & bring it to the forefront, allows us to let go of the old and lift the spirit within to shine and to be the best & the highest we can be!  Thank you for helping me & others step onto the path we are truly meant to follow.  Shari D. Aurora, CO
  • Hellooooo.... You know, I have been trying for years to find the kind of workshop/ teaching/supportive thingy that you did with us, and nothing compares.  It was so tangible and spirit was so prevalent!!!  Sandee, MI

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