What is Lisa J. NOW? 

Lisa J. NOW was a LIVE call in show where Lisa J. was available to help guide people with personal issues, work related problems, family differences and various issues that they are facing in their life.  In addition, Lisa brought several best selling authors, leaders and motivational guests to the show to offer as many different tips and tools to her listeners, and viewers, as possible so that they could learn to empower themselves.

Can Lisa J. answer just one question that I have off the air? It's short and will only take a second.

Due to the number of requests that Lisa gets for answering questions especially just one, she unfortunately can not get to everyone.  If she answered one she would have to answer everyone.  If it's a a medical emergency, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency center.

Is "Lisa J. NOW!" and are her messages for real or is this just entertainment?

Lisa J. Smith does take her work seriously and is very much for real. She works in the field of motivation/self help and has helped thousands of people. She is also for entertainment purposes and should not be a substitute for medical, emotional, physical or mental care. 

How do I reach Lisa J. Smith if I need guidance or have a question for her?   

Contact her privately at (248) 593-5227 to set up a private phone or personal appointment or click here.

(248) 593-5227