How I Discovered My Ability

My whole life I was fascinated by Mediumship, Intuitive’s, energy work and psychic ability.  I had an understanding of something I didn't yet know about myself.  I just knew it felt right to me even though I did not know what I knew. I never knew that I had the ability to do what I soon discovered that I could do.

When I was 18, my beloved grandmother died.  After her funeral, I was driving back to Michigan State University (MSU) from the Detroit area.  I could feel my grandmother in my car.  I can't explain what it felt like, other than it was her in my car, but she felt different.  It scared me because I did not understand what it was that I was feeling.  When I got back to school, I ran into my apartment, grabbed my landline phone (before there were cell phones) and called my mom.  I told her, “Grandma was in my car and now she's in my apartment and won’t leave.”

My mom said, “Of course she is, she is always with you and loves you so very much.”

Grandma's energy faded, I came out from under the dining room table and life went on.

When I was 25, Tracey, my best friend from the age of five, died of an overdose in L.A.  Three to four months later, I had vivid dreams of her visiting me.  I can tell you every detail of that dream today.  I know she was there to ease my broken heart.  We talked, she explained things to me, and we just sat together.  I woke up and called her mom at 6 AM and told her that Tracey came to visit me, that she is ok and is beautiful.  I think I freaked her out, but I had to tell her.

I still never put two and two together and life went on. I was living in my “woo woo” world, but still didn't know what I knew.

It was not until my son was hospitalized when I was in my early 30's, did I begin to understand my abilities.  He was only 10 at the time.  I will leave out the details of why as that is his personal business to share, not mine.

The second time he was hospitalized, a couple of months later, I went home and cried so hard and begged God to kill me. I was not going to kill myself, but I told whoever was listening to me on the other side, that I could NOT do this anymore. The pain was too much.  My kids would be ok without me and I planned out who would take care of them for me while I was gone.  I pleaded with anyone listening to me.  I cried, and cried, and cried until my husband came up and found me curled up on my son's bedroom floor a couple of hours later.  I was holding my son's blanket, smelling it (because it smelled like my son) and crying to the point of not being able to breathe.

This is not like me and my husband was very worried. He never saw me so upset. He held me, rubbed my head, assured me we would all be ok as a family, as I cried and finally fell asleep.

That night in my surrender, I told God, or whoever would listen to me, including my lil grandma and best friend, Tracey, “If you are going to keep me here, you better do something with me, because I don't know what to do and I can NOT do this by myself.”

About two weeks later, my husband and I were watching TV which was mounted up on the wall.  I looked up and said to him, “Who is so and so, he is really cute and has blonde hair to his shoulders and died in a motorcycle accident?”

He told me that was his friend's brother, who did die in a motorcycle accident when they were teenagers, and he asked me why?  I told him he wants me to tell you, “______ “, and I went on to tell him what he was saying.

My husband was speechless as he did not know how to respond.  I continued to tell my husband what he was saying to him. I will never forget the look on my husband's face. I think I was more shocked than anyone.  He became my biggest supporter and one of the only people to believe me for a long time.

A few weeks after that, a friend of mine told me that one of the top radio stations in Detroit needed a last-minute psychic to go on the air live and give messages!  I was like, “NO WAY can I do that”!  But in typical me fashion I had to accept.  I’ve always felt if an opportunity comes to you, you must take it and see where it goes.

So I sat in the parking lot of the radio station, not knowing anything about radio or how I even gave messages at that point and thought, "I am about to make an ass out of myself in front of all of metro Detroit on this popular evening radio show. What was I thinking?!"

Once again, I said to whoever would listen, “Please, please, please, do not leave me now.  Just give me the words and I will never ask for anything again.”  I walked into the studio with my shoulders back, nervous as hell and smiled. When the mic opened, I closed my eyes, opened my heart, trusted that I would not be there if I were not meant to be there, and just said what was being imparted to me.  I answered several call-in phone calls, freaked the DJ and his producers out so much, they almost did not want to talk to me.  I knocked it out of the ballpark thanks to my peeps (as I now call them) on the other side. I knew that was what I was supposed to be doing.

I had many other crazy things happen in the months to follow and people started to catch on. 

From that point on I knew everything, all the time, everywhere I went.  I could hear, see, feel, taste and just knew whatever I needed to know for someone else to know.  It finally was the most normal feeling thing for me that I have had. The world made sense to me.

There are many days that I look back and think, “how did I know that”?  Today, all these years later, in order to receive what I need to know, I tune in to the other side, just like adjusting the dial on a radio to find a particular station. If I am not tuned in, I do not pay attention to messages.  I learned to make it my own, and to work with the other side, so I too can function in the real (human) world.

After all that, my other experiences, that I forgot about in my childhood, came back to me and made sense.  Like when I was 11 and my grandfather died.  Once again, it scared me because I was feeling his presence, so I went to hide in a small closet we had in my house.  My parents were not home and my little brothers and best friend, Tracey laughed at me when I told them Grandpa Tony was there.  I knew he was there. I just did not know what I knew. These are the things I forgot.  I remembered it all.  I always say, “I popped my cork that night I surrendered”.

I do this work because this is why I am here.  I am here to help other people who are hurting too and needing some kind of validation, perspective, love and reassurance that they will be ok.  I tell people that no one and nothing is what we think.  That night changed the course of my life and has since changed thousands of people's lives as well.  This is what I have been doing ever since.  It is why I am here.

Random people find me.  It happens either by word of mouth or mostly by saying, “I don't know why I found you, I just did, and I think I need to talk to you for some reason. I have never done this before.”  Those are still by far the MOST humbling moments in my life.

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