How I Discovered My Ability

Throughout my life, I've been drawn to mediums, intuitive's, energy work, and psychic abilities. Even before fully comprehending these phenomena, I sensed a profound connection that resonated deeply with me. It felt right, though at the time, I couldn't quite grasp why. Little did I know, I was harboring latent abilities waiting to be unearthed.

Everything changed when I turned 18, shortly after my grandmother's passing. On the drive back to Michigan State University from her funeral, I distinctly felt her presence in the car—an unmistakable sensation, simultaneously comforting and unsettling. Seeking solace, I confided in my mother upon returning to my apartment. Her words reassured me: "Of course she's with you; she loves you dearly."

Life unfolded with its mysteries. At 25, tragedy struck when my childhood best friend, Tracey, passed away from an overdose in Los Angeles. In the months that followed, she began appearing vividly in my dreams. I vividly recall every detail of those encounters to this day. Convinced she was reaching out to ease my grief, I felt compelled to share my experiences with Tracey's mother at dawn, despite the potential discomfort it might cause.

However, it wasn't until my early thirties, during my son's hospitalization, that I began to comprehend my own psychic abilities. Amid emotional turmoil, I reached a breaking point and pleaded with the universe for guidance. In a moment of surrender, I asked for a sign, any sign.

Two weeks later, an unexpected opportunity arose: a last-minute request for a psychic on a popular Detroit radio station. Terrified yet compelled to accept, I found myself in their studio, praying for guidance. With my heart open and trust in the unseen, I delivered messages that astonished both the DJ and his audience. It was then that I realized this was my calling.

Since that transformative moment, I've honed my ability to tune into messages from the other side with clarity and purpose. It has become second nature, an integral part of who I am. Memories from my childhood resurfaced—like sensing my grandfather's presence when I was just eleven—and suddenly, everything clicked. I had found my path.

I do this work because it's my purpose—to offer solace and clarity to those seeking validation and reassurance. People often find their way to me unexpectedly, driven by an inexplicable urge to connect, even if we've never met before. These encounters are profoundly humbling, reinforcing my belief in the profound connections we share through unseen forces.

The night I surrendered changed the trajectory of my life and continues to impact countless others. It's a privilege to serve in this capacity, providing perspectives that challenge conventional understanding. This is my mission—to bridge the gap between the tangible and the spiritual, guiding others toward peace and understanding in their lives.

In essence, my journey is a testament to the power of surrender and the transformative potential of embracing one's true calling.

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© Copyright Lisa J. Smith