May not be what you think

I consider myself a fairly credible consumer expert when it comes to psychics and all things intuitive.  Not only have I been interested in the psychic world ever since I can remember, I also am a psychic.  I have been practicing for many years and have heard and seen almost all of it. I have been approached by ill intentioned gypsy readers, I have been told I have a curse, I have interviewed some of the most well known psychics in the world, I have been told I am going to hell and I have encountered the most amazing intuitive psychics in the world with nothing but pure and beautiful intentions of healing and guidance.

I hosted a popular daily talk show for a national radio broadcasting company for several years, I conduct private sessions with people all over the country, speak at events and host workshops and lectures for people wherever I am asked to go.  I would say I spend most of my time explaining what a psychic really is…and is not.  Education is the key to awareness and for me educating and bringing awareness is the greatest gift I can offer.  It is very important for consumers to understand about “what a psychic is and is not” before venturing down this rode. As with any profession, there are good and bad intentioned people working from greed and working from love.  Unfortunately, it’s centuries and cliches of the bad, that give the profession a bad name.  It’s very important for consumers to understand, educate, take responsibility for and be aware of the red flags and what to look for in this psychic world.  I have seen what a bad psychic can do and it is not pretty or helpful to anyone’s psyche; even the most educated and wealthiest of people.

I call them "Red Flags Warnings" are for a reason. Red flags are used to get our attention and warn us of potential danger.  In the psychic world if you see, feel, or sense any of these know that nothing good can come from it and to run the other way.  Our bodies will warn us it is up to us to pay attention.  We also know, but may not understand, when something just feels right.  

Just because someone may know about you, does not make their intention with you good.  Pay attention to how you feel, do your homework, use common sense, read credible testimonials, go off word of mouth, look out for the words like “curses, dark energies, I can do this for you, come back in a week,” etc.

Here are the Top 10 Red Flag Warnings I warn people about constantly:

If someone tells you that you have a curse or dark energies on you, go the other way.  This is not true and they’re always going to prey on your fears.  Are they psychic?  Sure!  That’s not the point.  That’s how they know what your weak points and fears are. They rope you in and then they have you.  As with any other profession; car salesmen, lawyers, doctors, teachers, etc., there are good and bad.  This is definitely bad.

If a psychic keeps you coming back for more and more sessions saying that, “you need this” or “you need that next time,” this is a red flag.  A good intended psychic and intuitive, who is there to be of service, will always empower you, not dis-empower you. Stay alert!  Enabling psychic welfare is damaging and hurtful with nothing for you to gain, expect the psychic who is getting all of your money.

If they try to sell you candles or other “ceremonial” items to get rid of the attachments or dark spirits around you, this is a red flag.  No candle is going to remove anything from you. There’s nothing attached to you that you need to spend $100.00 on to remove.  We all have energy around us at all times.  We are energy. No candle or any other item, especially not one they are selling, will do that at all.  There are other way to handle this that empower you and do not come from fear.

If they offer to trade their services for items in your home, excessive amounts of money, personal items, etc., know this is a scam.  No one in their right mind would ever ask you for this. 

If someone tells you that they have a gift and ONLY they can do it, take this as a red flag.  Being psychic is a gift and so is life and breathing. Yes, it’s true some people are better; actors, comedians, singers and musicians and I suppose that is their gift. I prefer to say that is what they do well and are guided to do; and this is what I do well and I am guided to do.  Psychic is something that we can all tune into, yet not everyone is interested in it, wants to believe it, trusts it and cares about it. I don’t care about being an actor. That does not mean an actor is better than I am.

If someone walks up to you on the street and starts just telling you random things, that may be true, still use this as a red flag.  Just because they know things does not mean that they are using it for your best intentions.  There is no reason to ever walk up to someone and start telling them about their aura, their loved one on the other side, or any future event without someone’s permission.  All well intended psychics work with permission before giving messages.

Don’t believe everything you see on TV.  I am not saying that the mediums and psychic on TV are not good at their jobs.  What I am saying is, that they shoot one episode, for 10 hours and edit it to 30 minutes with commercials.  It is for entertainment.  Take it for what it is and don’t judge based of a TV show.

If anyone really knew all the future events they would have more money than Oprah.  If someone tells you have they 96% accuracy there is no way to test that.  If they tell you they are the “best psychic” it is most likely coming from ego. It is not about being the best.  There is no best psychic.  People who are truly giving back and being of service, do not need to use words like that to stand out; they just simply do.

If a psychic will not let you tape your session, then this is a red flag.  I have heard it all from it; messes with their interference, to it brings in negative spirits to spirits don't like recorders.  That is crap.  Any good psychic would encourage you to record your session and just allow you to sit back and listen to what is being said to you at that moment.  That way you can go back and listen and listen and hopefully hear something the second and third time you didn't hear at first.

The famous cliche psychic: big fancy robes, crystal balls, fancy words, decked out office space, the dog and pony show, etc.   If it looks to much like a movie set, then that is a red flag.  I’m not saying that everyone who is like this is a red flag, yet what I am saying is that if someone has to use all these props to get your attention and show you who they are, then maybe they're not as authentic as they would want you to believe.  My favorite saying comes to mind, “those who say they are, aren’t; and those who say they aren’t, are.”

Now that you know some of the major red flags to look out for; here are some tips to help you as a consumer to have the best and most beneficial experience possible with a psychic, intuitive, and/or medium.  Psychics can be very helpful as far as; keeping you on track by giving you messages that empower you to succeed, offer positive messages, validate for you what you already DO know, not telling you what you don’t know and bringing closure and deeper understanding to you.  I always say, “change your perception; change your life.”  As with anything you consume it is your responsibility to show up educated about what it is your purchasing.

How do you benefit the most from a session?

Have no expectations. Expectations are the greatest way to be disappointed.  No two readers are alike and no two experiences will ever be the same. If you are open, you will find there is much to learn from many different styles, people and modalities.

Have questions. Know the psychic is not a mind reader.  That is the only way to get your question answered.  There is a difference between fishing for answers and simply asking and receiving an answer to what you asked.  Know the difference.

Be open and honest and don’t test.  Skepticism is good for the reasons stated above, yet purposely testing a psychic and throwing a curve ball un-purpose will only frustrate everyone; no one benefits.

Listen to what is being said before you negate it.  Too many times we want what we want so we don’t listen to what is actually being said. Know that you get what you need not what you want.  A good psychic will tell you this every time.

Not every psychic needs to use divination tools to connect.   Don’t buy into the circus act.  There are many amazing readers who don’t use any tools at all and are equally as good.

Phone sessions are the same as in person. Don’t automatically negate a good reader because your session is not in person with them.  Spirit does not know time or space.  Trust your gut to know when someone is good for you or not. Where you each sit is not important for messages to come through.

Do your homework: read testimonials, explore the website, Google their names, ask around, and remember just because a psychic was good for one person; does not mean they will be good for you.  Trust your intuition!

Take notes, or more importantly record your session, so you can go back and listen.  Chances are very good you are missing most of what is being said the first time.

Have fun. Relax. Breathe. Open yourself up to the infinite possibilities that may exist.  Sitting with a psychic can be very intimidating at first.  Know that psychics are people too and this is just what they are doing to give back, make a living and be of service.  Psychics only know what you allow them to see.  A good psychic is never going to judge and keeps all information confidential.

As mentioned before trust your gut.  If something does not feel right, than most likely it’s not. Just because it looks pretty on the outside does not mean it’s pretty on the inside.  Use good ole common sense.  If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.  Nothing comes easy, yet the best things in life are worth working for!

Most people are just looking to know that they will be OK and that everything will work out.  It’s our human nature to want to know that we’ll be safe, that our loved ones are OK on the “other side” and all is good in the world.  I can save you all a lot of time and money by telling you that everything is always OK, you will always be safe, you have more tools and resources available to you inside of yourself than you can possibly imagine there’s so much love for you everywhere, if you just trust in your heart that everything is the way it needs to be and everyone is where they need to be; you will not need a psychic to tell you anything at all.  You can be your own psychic, but that’s for another day!

Written by Lisa J. Smith 

(248) 593-5227