Frequently Asked Questions


What are audience readings?

Audience readings are either private at the clients home, business, or place they choose to host, "An Evening with Lisa J." for a flat fee or Lisa plans the event in a public location open to anyone.  Audience readings are very similar to what you see on T.V.  Where Lisa is different, is  that she is "not drawn" to any particular area.   ALL spirits are ALWAYS coming through and wanting to connect.  Lisa encourages attendees to ask questions and give the first name of the person they would like to connect with so that she can give you messages and validations from them.  Depending on the size of the group (between 10-12) most people will receive messages. 

Why do you only do phone sessions? How can you give me a reading if I am not there?

I hear this question everyday and this is how I explain it.  Energy does not know time and space. It does not matter if I am here, and you are there, for energy to be worked with, felt, heard, seen, and sensed.  Because I see, hear, sense, feel and just "know" what I need to know, a.k.a. the energy, you could be sitting on a mountaintop and I could be across the world and energy is wherever we both are and spirit works either way.  I know what I need to know to be of service and to help you.  Spirit does not know boundaries, only the human mind knows "here and there".  Because I do need to see you, feel your objects, look at pictures, know your loved ones, it does not matter where we both are. 


Why do you not have an office?

I can work wherever I am and do not need one point to work out of.  Most of my work is presentations, galleries, and private events.  For private one-on-one sessions, most of my clients/sessions are over the phone because they are spread around the country and even the world.   I had an office for several years and found that it was a waste of office space.  This way I can be of more service to more people since most people live where I am not.   Again, Spirit and energy do not know boundaries and it does not matter if we are in person or not.  *If you're in the Ventura, CA area, you can schedule an appointment for a session at Lisa's Healing Hut in Ojai, CA by appointment only! 

Have you always known you were intuitive?

I always knew what I knew but did not know what I knew.  Looking back it was so normal to me that I did not know that it was not.  I really don't remember a lot of 'experiences' that stand out from my childhood.  There were a couple of times I saw my grandparents and my friends and  it freaked me out!   Not because I was scared but because I did not understand. I want to educate children and their parents so that they have an understanding of what is happening. I always say, "Information is knowledge and knowledge is wisdom".   When we understand we can come from a grounded and clear place and allow spirit to up-lift and not freak us out.

How do you get your information?

I hear, see, feel, taste, see and just KNOW.  Anyway that your loved ones on the other side or the messages need to come through they come through.

Do you work with animals?

Energy is energy!  Whether it is an animal, a person who had "changed form" or someone who is here in the physical...I connect with the energy and give the messages that I get.  Animals are energy so of course they come through to validate they are ALWAYS with you.

Do you know what energy healing is and can you do it?

Yes, I am Usui Reiki Master and a SEICHIM-SEKHEM-REIKI (SSR) Practitioner. I also work with crystals, stones, and other natural elements i feel guided to use. I incorporate the previous modalities into my healing sessions as guided.

Did you go to college?

I attended Michigan State University for 4 years.  I had so much fun I ended up moving to a new school!  Yes, I have a BA in Psychology from Wayne State University from Detroit, MI. I also have a certificate in Developmental Psychology.

What is your radio show about?  When can I expect to hear is back on the radio again?

It is about nothing and everything all at one time. I always joke that it is like Seinfeld, Friends, Fraser and Cheers (does that date me?) all rolled into one.  It is heartfelt, fun, full of information, life changing, empowering and entertaining. We laugh, we cry, we share stories, we lift each other up and most of give of ourselves, for ourselves, and then for others. Lisa J. NOW! is my 'DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH'.  I am so blessed to share my platform with great authors, motivational leaders, spiritual leaders, and most of all my listeners.  After all, it is our show...not just my show!  I don't know when but I look forward to connecting with you soon.

I hear some people say that being Psychic and mediumship is a gift? Do you believe that we are all psychic?

Yes, a gift we ALL have.  I believe that EVERYTHING is a gift and that intuition is as natural to us a breathing and that is a 'gift'.  I believe that we ALL use our intuition everyday and are so used to using it, we don't know we are using it.  It is like is always there and we don't know what it feels like to NOT have it...the only way to truly know what gravity is, is in the absence of.  Since most of us will not be going into space anytime soon, we will have to take the word of those who have been there. Intuition is the same thing.   Also, we try to hard to make something out of what is already there.  When we let things come to us naturally the old saying, "when student is ready the teacher will teach" kicks in.  The biggest mistake that we all make is that we have expectations that things will come to us in a certain way.  Just as no two people look alike, no two people get their information the same way.  Spirit uses our paradigms, experiences and what we recognize to give us messages.  What works for some will not work for all.  Trust yourself and allow it to be what it is!  The messages we get are for us first...then to be given to others.

Are you ever scared of spirits?

No, people scare me more than spirits.  Although I'm not interested in the "dark" side of the paranormal.  I'm guided to help people in other ways.

Do you believe in God?

What I believe in transcends all organized beliefs.  My mother is Jewish and my father is Catholic.  I feel very blessed that I was able to grow up respecting all religions and people of different faiths equally.  I do not judge.  I do believe that having a parent from each faith is a gift. I have more faith and love for all that is than most people I have met who were raised within one religion.  I believe that whatever works for each person is the beauty of humanity.  I believe as many different people there are in the world...there are that many ways to each persons "God".   LIVE AND LET LIVE!

A woman came up to me and said that I had a negative energy around me and she could help me remove it.   It really scared me and I don't know what to do.  She said I had a curse and she could take it off me if I worked with her weekly for the next 6 months.  She wanted to charge me a lot of money.  A lot of what she told me was true about myself so now I am so confused. How did she know that about me?  What do I do? 

Contact the authorities and the BBB most likely she is a fraud and is using her 'psychic' ability to scam you out of a lot of money.  If ANYONE EVER tells you anything like that then PLEASE know that they are taking advantage of you and taking you for a lot of money.  Even if you go to a 'reader' and they tell you anything along these lines, please do not believe them. Get up and leave immediately if you feel uncomfortable.  They are preying on your fears and taking your power. It does not mean that they are NOT psychic...again we are all psychic and I am sure they do know stuff about you.  They are using their finely honed ability to take advantage of people and instill weakness not empower.  PLEASE REPORT THEM SO THEY DO NOT DO THIS TO OTHERS AND PLEASE EDUCATE PEOPLE ABOUT THIS PROBLEM!

How soon would you recommend someone calling you after the passing of a loved one? 

The best answer is, it's NOT when THEY are ready, it's when the person receiving the message is ready to connect with their loved ones.  It's all energy and there is no time and space outside of the physical world.   I have worked with families who were in the process of their loved ones transitioning to bring comfort  There is no "waiting" period contrary to what you might hear, have read or may have been told.  Loved ones ALWAYS come through. It is not always want you want...but you get what you need.  

Why do you do what you do?  What is it you do anyway?

I do what I do because I LOVE it, I feel guided to do it, everyday is different and every message changes lives including mine.  What I do is use my intuition to help people see a different way of looking at the same situation.  I always say, "Change your Perception, Change your Life."  I love using my intuition "to validate my clients loved ones on the other side...I don't tell them anything they don't already know, I only validate for them what they do know".

I have heard you talk about your peeps, who are they anyway?

My peeps are my group or collective energy of what we call "spirit guides".  I always joke that everyone has all these names like Chief Running Bull, Mary, Abraham, Michael, etc.  When I asked for my guides names they collectively told me to call them MY PEEPS...they make me smile, are amazing healers, are deep and full of so much love and life.  There is not a day that goes by where I do not thank them and feel so blessed that they are my friends and love me so much!  They have given thousands and thousands and thousands of words of wisdom to people everywhere. 

Do you make psychic predictions? clients ask me questions and I tell them what I get. I don't feel like telling a person "all the answers to the test" is the best way to understand a situation.  The way in which I work with my peeps is very different than that.  Now do people call me all the time telling me that things have come true that I have told them, yes.  That is the icing on the cake.  The batter that gives the cake the flavor and shape is in the messages from spirit that they give.  If a "prediction" comes through then a prediction comes through.

What tools do you use in your sessions?

None!  I don't use tarot although I like to play with them with my friends.  I do not look at pictures nor do I want to.  I love to play with "metaphysical stuff" but just for fun!  I only need the first name of the person we are working with.  If you don't want to give the first name then it really doesn't is energy! Many people call my show and change their names and locations.  They think I do not know it is them. Energy is energy.  If you give a fake name it does not change your messages.  As I always say, "Hey that is your deal not mine". There are many ways to receive messages and there is no right or wrong way. It's  only your way.

How does it work if I'm not there in front of you?

Energy is energy and does not know time or space.  It does not matter where you are.  It is the same way it works everyday on the air when I give people people messages from all over the country.  Many times people feel more comfortable NOT sitting in front of me because they are in their own environment.  The more comfortable my client is the better the messages.  Not because of what I do or it makes it easier for me, it is the same either way for me.  It is better for them because they are able to be more open because they are in their own space therefore easier to listen and not just hear.  It is the same for me regardless of where you are.  Plus with the price of gas, it saves then money! :)

Why do you charge for sessions if you are being of service?

Because a girl has to eat and make a living.  You are paying for my time.  My time is as valuable as yours.  Why do you get paid for going to your job?  I am 100% sure in some way you are being of service also and being paid for your time.

Because you know what you know, is it easier or harder for you when a loved one dies?

Good question!  Both.  Just because I am able to connect with spirit the way I do does not mean I do not have the same human feelings and emotions that we all have.  I miss my loved ones as much as you miss yours.  Sometimes I wonder if I miss them more because they are so close yet so far....but then when I FEEL them with me, I know that there is no reason to be sad and that they are not far away, that no one they taught me "we just change form".

A psychic/medium told me once that it was too soon to connect with my mother after she died. Why is that?  I have always heard you say that there is no time and space and can work with them anytime.

Yes I can.  I can not speak for how other professionals work, I can only speak for myself.  Since spirits don't tell time it never made to sense to me when a medium says they can not make contact with them, that they are 'studying' or it is too soon.  I have given thousands of messages, near and far, and have NEVER had one spirit not come through.  Now, you may not get what you want to hear from them but you will get validations they are with you. Validations are so much more important because it is their way of telling you they are with you.  People want to know what is the last thing they said to me or what was my nickname?  They don't always answer those questions because you are looking for a certain answer and in some ways have an expectation of what you want to know.  The validations they give you almost ALWAYS are so random that only they would be able to come up with something so off the wall. 

If I'm paying you for session, I expect, and want you to tell me certain things.  Why don't you do that if I am paying you?

Because I do not work on demand and either does spirit.  You will get what you need not what you want.  If I gave everyone what they wanted to hear, I would have people lined up around the world and have more money than Oprah.  The messages I give are like you wanting to go to the dentist for a cleaning and polish and end up with a root canal that you did not know you needed.  Sometimes it takes getting to the root to heal the whole tooth and clean it up!  If you are looking for someone to tell you what you want, I am sure you will find many psychics to tell you what you are looking for.

I know you are writing a book. How long before it comes out and what is it about? I really can not wait to read it.

Good question. I have started writing many books. It is is hard to just focus on just one. I am working on THE FIRST ONE now.  I do not know when I will finish them, I am beginning to think they are all a work in progress at the same time. The one that I really feel like I have been focused on and needs to come out first is my story.  That is why it is so hard to write. :)   I want it to be well written, authentic and from my heart. I write when I feel inspired and do not push it when I am not. It is a work in progress and soon it will be out...I PROMISE. Know a good publisher?

You always talk about being a Rock Star. What band do are you in and what do you play?

I am in the band of LIFE!  I do not play instruments (at least not well although I am presently learning how to play the guitar) and I certainly can not sing...but do anyway!  One day on the show, about 3 years ago, I said to a listener, "You are a ROCK STAR" about an obstacle that she overcame. Well before you know it, people were emailing and calling me that they wrote, 'I AM A ROCK STAR' on their mirrors when they got out of the shower, with lipstick on a piece of paper and hung it in their cubicles to get through the day, on their car windows in the a.m., etc.  My Peeps told me that being a ROCK STAR is a state of being.  It's a way of Life. It is standing in your "light" and showing up and doing it even on the days you think you can't, you do. It is about empowering yourself to be whatever it is you always wanted to be.  Being a ROCK STAR is an awesome affirmation, that people from all demographics, who listen to the show, have come to be.  I love that people send me ROCK STAR pictures and affirm their voice and their power "by being the ROCK STAR they were born to be".

Why do you always say, "Don't Should On Me"?

Because 'should' is a very dis-empowering word that takes away one's voice and freedom of expression.  It makes a person 'wrong' when you 'should' on them or they they 'should' on you.  I never tell people what they "should" do because that is not my call, or anyone's call for that matter, especially some psychic you don't know!  Stand up for yourself and others and BAN THE WORD SHOULD! Use the word COULD instead!

I want to see you on TV.  I think that you need a TV show. People will love to see you and more people need to know about your messages and how you have changed so many peoples lives.  What's the deal!?  When will Hollywood see you as the next Rachael Ray of empowerment and spirituality?  Your energy and passion and down to earth approach is just what the world needs right now.  How can I help you?

Good question.  They say patience is a virtue.  I suppose when the right person at the right times finds me and understands that this is not strange, paranormal, psychic fade it will happen.  It takes the right person, with the right vision, who is willing to take a leap of faith and change the world!  Thank you for the compliment by the way! It means a lot.  Let the producers know I AM HERE!

What do you want to know about Lisa J. ?

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